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I don't know why I never update forever. Oh wells, since I realized this I decided to be a good girl and post from the beginning who am I and what I have been doing lately.

Well then, the big question is who exactly am I?
I am an average 19 year old girl living in where else but this world. I study Game Design and currently struggling to keep up with my work.

So what kind of a person are you?
Well when I was a kid, I was like a little good girl that all mothers would love to have. However, I was really really shy. I wouldn't even look up to see the person's face whom I was talking to. I really felt awkward. I stutter when I talk and I am afraid of presenting myself to others. When my friends all go out to play, I would just stay at home. I guess because of that, people never really paid attention to me.

However when I was nearly reaching my teens, I started to change bit by bit. I became more outgoing and hang out with my friends. I was slowly breaking out of my shell.

And it leads to the current me.

I am still a daughter that my mother still loves and now more confident of myself. I have friends that love to be with me and I feel happy. However I do still worry about presenting myself, especially presentations. XD

So what made you study Game Design?
As a kid I wanted to be a vet's helper! Haha! I really love animals a lot and I still do now. The problem is that I was afraid of doing operation and stuff that I rather be a nurse. My mum always mention to me about that.

As I grew older, I change my interest. I got hooked on anime. Oh and please blame it on Digimon. It was the first anime I watched. I decided to be an animator. However I realized that being an animator was tough and I would rather do something that has more of a jump into it than just animating.

The next best thing was game design. Well I shocked quite a lot of people since they didn't think I was the type to study this. And I gotta admit that I didn't consider it either. I don't play a lot of console and handheld games as a kid. Bleh, I never had a console or a handheld game until the age of 11. I didn't even know what that was back then! My parents are really good in keeping this away from me.

Anyway I got into this course and I love it! I hope I can make really good games for everyone to enjoy!

What exactly are your interest?
Well I like to watch anime and read tons of manga. The one that I like the most is Prince of Tennis. I also like to collect figurines and gundam kits which my younger brother broken quite a number already.

I also like to keep track of my favorite Japanese actor, Suzuki Shogo. Yup, you heard me. 
Don't worry, I am not a crazy fangirl or anything, I just love what he does. 
He's the guitarist of Cocoa Otoko which was about to be disband really soon. Which is sad news to all Cocoa Otoko fans. I have bought albums from his band and resist myself from downloading songs by them so that I can support them.
I have been keeping tab on him ever since he first debuted in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Oh yes, I watch Super Sentai Series. It's an awesome show! XD I gotta say I like Shinkenger and Gokaiger the most among all the series!

Reasons that I never update my journal.

No. 1 : Schoolwork
You gotta hate that. Well not like I had a choice be still I have to do it. Assignments and projects keep piling up, what to expect?

No. 2 : I keep forgetting
Yup. I keep forgetting about this. I always go Facebook, Tumblr and other livejournal sites but not here! 

No. 3 : I felt lazy
People do get lazy at the end of the day. So don't blame me.

Well that's it for now. I dunno when is my next update... XD



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